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  • Luisa

The Harmony of Cheese & Wine Masterclass

How do we pair wine and cheese for maximum effect? How do they work together in harmony? Join The Cheese Lady and I for an online masterclass pairing x5 artisan cheese with x4 bottles of organic wines.

Interactive, fun and educational, this masterclass will be co-hosted by both myself, Luisa, WSET Wine Educator and the founder of The Cheese Lady shop Svetlana, who specialises in fine cheeses that are crafted with precision, care, and love.

We look forward to welcoming you to a masterclass of organic wine and cheese heaven!

£125 per household* Includes 4 bottles of organic wine and 5 artisan cheeses and condiments, inclusive of delivery. For bookings please go to tab 'Harmony of Cheese & Wine Masterclass' on this website.


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